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Daily Outfits

SOMEDAY, I’ll be creating a line of clothes that reflects my love of layers, swish, chiffon (organic rayon chiffon) and color and flow. For now, I’ll keep piecing things together, the priority always being an outfit that I can dance in at any moment during the day when I feel to. I work at home so I get up often and practice a dance, create a new move or just improvise to some inviting piece of music on Pandora or SomaFM or KRUUFM (our solar-powered local radio station!).

This started out a different way but when the orange neck piece happened the pants had to be part of it. I love seeing something thru something else.

Saturday April 20th


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I look at the creation of the outfit as a layer of the process of going from In to Out. I start the day with bathing (so unusual) and asanas and meditation. I have to “dress” for yoga. Randy says “her outfits start on the mat” and Then I add to or change my clothes. If I feel really good, it’s an amazing high to get dressed. It can be quick or slow, planned or unplanned. Then I eat and go to work or do some art or dance or check emails. Taking care of the physical includes creating beauty and taking inner joy and my passion for color and design and fabric and pattern and color and color… into the clothes and then into the dance.


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