Bollywood Dance-from Kathak to Hip Hop

I thought it would be fun to compare the Indian film dances of the 1960s with today’s or at least show some of my favorites from 2-3 different eras. Being a Kathak dancer BUT a lover of many styles and a ham and an imitator since childhood, I found in Bollywood a way to do many dances at once.

anyway, more about me later. let’s go to 1960 and see what Madhu Bala dances in Mughal E Azam: a movie based on the true story of Akbar’s son prince Salim and his “nautch girl” love affair – the beautiful Anarkali, who danced in the rich court and won his heart but was deemed not good enough for the prince and sentenced to be buried in a wall.

Here’s her dance of passion and rebellion in front of the King and his son telling them why should one fear love?

this is rough Kathak but she had to learn it for the movie.

Here’s today’s seductive and highly stylized kathak by Rani Mukherjee:


That’s a short treatise on the full range of “filmi” dance.

And now here is a very contemporary song and dance from Bombay Dreams:

AND a super cool choreography to a Slumdog Millionaire song: Gangsta Blues:


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