Pyramid Collection and Venus and the Dancing Shiva

Oh When will my Venus order come? Oh and there are red fishnet stockings under wraps.

Wrap pants made by me, based on a free pattern I found on Etsy.

And now we offer our love of colors to Lord Shiva – I seem to have the same colors in my garden as in my outfits.

Picked flowers in front of the Shiva in my dining/dance room.

Picked flowers in front of the Shiva in my dining/dance room.

My Pyramid Collection order arrived! I finally ordered the Blue hoodie I’ve been wanting for at least a couple of years. This hoodies is SO soft. I love how Pyramid Collection clothes are so dedicated to a look, to a certain overall style.

Blue Hoodie from Pyramid Collecton

Not all their clothes are “me” but I appreciate their flavor. I suppose you could say most catalogs have a certain style, but to me Pyramid has really zeroed in on a certain channel: Gothic, flowing, lace, bell sleeves, New Age, Tantric “toys” catering to a sort of metaphysical Bohemian Femme Fatale a la Enlightenment and Crystals. When I look at their catalog I get excited about doing a line of clothes that reflects my own taste. Or just about being true to one’s own aesthetic. To go into business you have to have both vision and a product people want. For me, being more of an artist than a business person, my own aesthetic would trump the market research aspect. I think that can work if the timing is right and you are lined up with your own mission. Venus clothes also have that discernible style coherence. The clothes endorse femininity and dignified sexuality. I like that. And I DID get my Venus order, but you’ll have to wait to see those clothes. Next time!


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