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April 2014 Halftees n Chloe + Isabel


Pearl Crystal Drops Neclace

Pearl Crystal Drops Neclace


A friend noticed my outfit at a “Dance the Wave” weekly dance and she expressed her regret that she was staying out on a farm and therefore didn’t have any cute getups with her. Funny.  If I were staying out on a farm, my lace, chiffon, jewelry, leggings, more jewelry, more leggings, yoga pants, halftees, silver skirts (yes plural) and maybe a PAIR OF JEANS would be right out there with me.  But then I’ve been caught gardening in white.

I CAN put on a paint shirt when I paint but I normally don’t.  However I might start.  BUT, for me, what I wear is always important, farm and home, here and there, by myself or out and about. And I could philosophize about that. I do think we have an aesthetic responsibility to each other!

Halftees for Layering

Wouldn’t it be lovely to see beautiful clothes every day? Wouldn’t it be fascinating to give each other visual charm at any hour, in any locale? Not to impose my views on others, but just to revel in color and fabric and extend my own love of artful fashion out into the environment, especially given i live in Fairfield, Iowa and NOT New York city or San Francisco. Think of India. Women decorate themselves to go buy mangos and zucchini. I love that. There’s never a moment when our appearance isn’t potentially healing, surprising, nourishing and uplifting for others and ourselves. It’s a way of life.

So here’s my new halftees from and they are a VERY useful item in the closet because they layer. I’m always wanting a tight layer under my tee, shrug, tank, kirta, tunic, etc. almost always. And I’ve been living in leotards for years, for that reason, but leotards are not the easiest layer to undo at certain times throughout the day. the Halftee or crop top is ideal. they do well with wrap pants and other high-waisted pants that look bad with a long shirt. Its kind of like Indian designs but Western.



We have the choli remade in the halftee. Westernized and revisited, just as Pyramid Collection’s long leggings refer back to the Indian “chudidar” legging with those wrinkles at the ankle. In their Western incarnation these Indian “pajama” pants are not stretchy, and have an elastic waistband instead of a drawstring and 2 yards of extra material floating at the waist! India now too is redesigning these leggings. I love the Indian look remade with the sleekness and funkiness of today’s fashion.



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