About Wendy

I came to Fairfield, IA in 1980 to be part of a TM (Transcendental Meditation) community and both of us have grown a lot since then. I rediscovered early artistic and dance passions one by one after first putting meditation ahead of everything. The outer life took second priority until later on. Our community, a coexistence of a small Farm town with an international university and a a Vedic City – has become more integrated and much more culturally rich and diverse. I came for the inner life but I found I was an artist and dancer as much as a seeker of God.

I perform and teach Kathak and bollywood and in those forms I find both virtuosity and freedom of equal value. Bollywood is so playful and eclectic, speaking to the dancer who always wanted to dance all styles. The Kathak language is the basis of my dance, but now i enjoy a more improvisational exploration. I love bringing dance to non dancers for exercise and bliss. I do work during the day (on and off) as a book indexer and it’s wonderful to work at home so I can get up and dance, cook, teach a class or work on an art collage here and there.

The goal of my arts is to seduce the Divine into seducing me. I believe it is through diving inside and also feeding the senses with ornate beauty that we discover a kind of sacred sensuality. The spectrum of energy is inclusive and to be developed and embraced, not cut off. My real wish is that through dance and art, I express Divine Femininity and help bring beauty into the world.

I always danced but for myself, until 1989 when I began studying Kathak: the storytelling classical dance of North India. I always loved dress-up, so the Indian dance costumes are inseparable from dance for me. Color fuels and feeds me and makes me reverent. Another lifelong obsession is clothes and fashion. I never could throw on something and head out. It had to match and it had to be “me.” I painted and made art in the sort of shadow of my brother who is a painter in Sacramento, California. But all these things are alive in me today and nourish me to the degree I can feast on them.


One response to “About Wendy

  1. I think you do a wonderful job at your job – bringing the beauty of the Divine Feminine into the hard edges and harshness of the world. 🙂

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