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Shikara Mudra – for Shivaji

This is the 3rd collage in my series. Shikara mudra can represent the Shiva Lingam. It can also mean heroism, masculinity, royalty, virility. The thing about making this piece that stands out is that I intended to make it ornate like the others, but when the center was complete, so was the board. This is the dance of art: the relationship between the mind and the deeper intention. The Self knows how to actualize your vision if you can stay in the presence of it. Also, the pieces moved when I glued them and the result was placement that created the effect I wanted but didn’t know how to do. I was upset that they moved until I noticed there is a feeling and sense of a cave and a mountain, which are symbols of the reclusive nature of Lord Shiva, who is the personification of the impersonal (!) eternal Being or pure, unmanifest consciousness. I was happy when I saw what had happened. Others looking at it seem to also feel the depth of silence in it. More about the meaning:

Purusha, Maharishi used to say is singularity. It needs Prakriti to bing it out. Shakti seduces Shiva (or tires to) and she is Nature and the Feminine. She is his other half. I just like the hand gestures to be set off in a way that reflects my devotion to the beauty and intricacy of dance gesture and the natural meaning you can get from witnessing them.

Wood, acrylic paint, fabric and paper.

Wood, acrylic paint, fabric and paper.

I have since added texture to the background. come see it at The Flying Leap art gallery for September artwalk. The theme of the show is Nature. I worked on this piece partly at the Flying Leap art space.


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